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Pledged loans – your debts are getting smaller now

If you want to mortgage real estate, the offer below is for you. I made settlements with the company after selling a few months.

The option of consolidating liabilities from the loan we offer is a strategy to exit the credit loop. We make credit decisions locally, which makes them gallop.

If that’s why you are looking for a fair low-interest loan

If that

We invite you to ask questions and contact us for details! Private loan for Developers is a product supporting investment and further development of the company.

A convenient loan, reliable consultation and very low loan costs. The company is extremely friendly to the customer, you can trust it and recommend to friends. I thought I’d find a contractor earlier for a commercial flat, I didn’t have time, and this gave me a mortgage loan.

We will choose the lending time depending on your financial capabilities, so that repayment of installments is the most appropriate. Debt relief works here as collateral on real estate and granting loans to pay debts, including those at the bottom of bailiff enforcement.

Next to us you will receive susceptible financing

Next to us you will receive susceptible financing

Tailored to individual needs, the rules are very simple and ethical, we grant a loan secured on the property, we expect reliability in paying off installments, in return we provide professional help and trust.

Or for a period of 1 calendar year with an extension to 5 times, with an installment tuned individually, without additional money for extensions and early repayment. Our “Loans Under Zatsaw real estate” is a loan granted to insure real estate up to half of it (LTV 50%) for entrepreneurs.

The debt in the largest cities, namely the special loan offer for a flat in the largest cities, is characterized by the possibility of unusual solutions in more complex cases.

With a loan under the Wrocław real estate pledge

We repay other private loans at the bottom of the pledge, mortgage, payday loans, housing rents, debts with a bailiff, we protect against a bailiff’s auction.

Each unit or company can apply for a loan for a boat, flat, house or business premises from 10,000 gross to 5 million, bookmark for the company to visit a maximum of 50-60% of the average value for a period of 3, 6, 12 months with the possibility repeated extension of the contract without supplementary costs up to five years.

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